Becky Ray, Art Quilter

The fact that I call myself an art quilter does not mean that I do not like traditional quilts. I love all kinds of quilting. I love to share my talents with others through my blog, website and by teaching others new techniques.

My heart was drawn to quilting from a young age, when I was able to watch my great grandmother hand quilting a scrappy quilt she was making for my mom on a big wooden frame. My mom was a prolific sewist, she taught me to sew, knit, crochet and cook, among other life skills. 

As a little girl, I played with Mom's fabric scraps, putting them up on the chair like a flannel graph and told stories about the shapes. Then one day, I learned to run the treadle sewing machine and I began to put squares together. I don't know what happened to that misshapen mess, but I remember using clothing scraps and cutting the squares myself.

Life moved on and I married, had two boys and sewed many things for our family. I had always slept under quilts, so I needed to make some for my boys.

I made a quilt out of clothing scraps for my oldest son and I  made a jeans quilt out of worn out jeans for the younger one. These quilts were definitely utilitarian, not art quilts, but the act of creating was all me. I made the templates and figured it out as I went.

One day in my life, I walked into a real quilt shop. My eyes were opened to a new world! From that time, fabric became an art medium and I began to explore.

I live in the Pacific Northwest, am a member of two quilt guilds and am heavily involved with the Everett Quilt Show. 


(c) 2017 Hummingbird House Creations Becky Ray owner/designer

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