Random Gallery

There are so many things I have done over the years, I love to try new techniques. It may seem random, but there is a progression to it all.

I fall in love with a fabric and have to buy it, then I figure out how to use it. I design a quilt and then try to match what I have. I still end up going to the fabric store to buy more!

The older images are my more traditional side, if you can call these traditional! My use of fabric is often nontraditional, but the piecing in many of these is quite normal. I moved into watercolor style, then into other pieced art quilts.

You can see my desire for the unusual in Stars Over Bali. It is my idea of a beginning quilting sampler, I teach it as a series.

Visit the Workshop page for details.

Collage, one of my favorite techniques, warrants its own gallery, you can check it out on the menu above.

The whole cloth pieces are items in my machine quilting journey and I call them Random Acts of Quilting, because of the doodle style quilting I have been playing with. I ice dyed the pieces and you can visit my blog to see how I do that.